This last weekend we found ourselves in SLC and so I rented this…

Looks (2 Gold Stars)

What can I say? It looks like a Ram. No real difference (in my eyes) in the looks since 2010. I think they are in need of a refresh.

Power/Fuel Economy (3 Thumbs Up)


The 5.7L HEMI was nice. I never felt like I needed more power. If I wanted to pass someone as I was driving down the 15, I could. I didn’t have the opportunity to tow anything on this trip.

Off-Road Ability (3/10)


Our RAM had 4x4. I didn’t use it, I’m sure it is fine. I did however, romp over a curb while heading out of JCW’s on my way to grab a PB & Carmel milkshake though…

Storage/Tech (5 Gold Doubloons)


This was the SLT trim (Nicer than expected for a rental). Cloth seats, manual air. It did have Bluetooth though. There was also an infotainment system that was alright. I have some problems with it though. There is no Stereo “OFF” switch. There is a mute, but no “OFF”. You can also turn the screen off but that does not mean the radio would be off. So each time I got into the truck I had to mute the radio. It wouldn’t stay off.

This thing is begging for a column shifter. I do not like the FCA “Rotary Gear Selector”. It seems like it is not placed in a good spot. That might just be me though.



Overall, I would rather rent a F-150 with the EcoBoost. Even if it was the base model with the 3in screen. It’s just better in my personal preference.


I have been seeing more and more Titan’s on the National Executive Aisle so perhaps that is what I’ll grab next time we take a trip. Stay Tuned…