2017's official Lexus tire Tally

12 purchased and of those 12, only 4 made it into 2018.

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4 Saffiro sf7000 245/40r18, $236+$100 mount and balance.(dead)

2 (barely used) Nankang NS20 245/40r18, $95+50 M/B.(dead)

2 Joyroad Sport rx6 240/40r18, $127+50 M/B.(dead)

2 Nankang NS20 265/35r18, $186+50 M/B.(still alive on the front)

2 Anteras Ingens a1 225/45r18, $118+50 M/B.(being mounted to the rear Today)

Total:$1064 In tires.

Sidenote, at least $2000 we’re spent in 91 octane fuel over a 4 month period. V8 life


(This post is in no way inspired by kanuck’s post, at all)

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