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2018 BMW 340i HWY MPG?

So I gave the 7 in for service and was handed keys to a new (800 miles) loaner 3 series. I never cared for it until, I realized they had given me a 340 and not the typical 328 / 330.

This morning while on my regular 52 miles drive to work, I averaged 38.6 mpg as indicated on the DIC. And Yes I reset it as soon as I started and yes, I was on cruise control most of the time.


The damm thing is rated at 32 HWY. And I am know to extract good numbers from vehicles.

Case in point,

I have averaged 26.0 mpg (indicated) in my 23 mpg rated Grand Marquis.

I have averaged 34 mpg (indicated) in my 30 mpg rated 7 series.

I have averaged 58 mpg in my 42 mpg rated Passat TDi.. but we all know how that one went. (verified at pump)


So question, is the 340i actually a efficient car when driven gingerly? Any opponauts have any experience? 

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