2018 Buick Regal TourX - The mini review

I bought a Buick Regal TourX. The registration says station wagon. I’m pretty sure Huzer test drove this exact car but the acquisition of the 4Runner. Phone pics follow, deal with it.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here is a mini review and my initial impressions. Keep in mind, I haven’t even had the car a full week.


Exterior - It looks better in person than in the photos. I’m looking for confirmation that all the plastic cladding can come off the side. I think it will look better when it is gone. It’s not nearly as high riding as the car mags make it seem. It is longer though. This pays dividends on the.....

Interior - Leg room for days. I’m 5'11". I have a fully comfortable seating position and two rear facing cars seats behind me WITH INCHES TO SPARE AND IT IS GLORIOUS!!!!! There is a solid 4-5 inches between my seats and the car seats. There is a cavern behind the 2nd row that fits a dog and a battle wagon twin stroller. Materials could be better, but I’ve got leather, heated seats, and dual-zone climate control so I don’t care. Is it a luxury car? No. It is slightly nicer than most mainstream interiors, yes.

Ride/Handling - Rides well. Haven’t pushed it to find the limits but I’m sure it isn’t a great handling car. It is a commuter car that handles kid duty and road trips. Ride is way more important.

Engine/Trans - It’s decently quick. Relatively high peak torque for a small turbo car. 250 hp and almost 300 lb ft. It will get you up to highway speed quick enough, you don’t have to fear for you life when merging. Brakes are solid. Trans upshifts a ton. It loves 7th gear. It will lug between 40-60 in 7th until it kicks down. I almost think the lugging is hindering it’s mileage. Speaking of mileage, it’s not great. I’m mid-20's right now and the tank is quite small gauging from the distance to empty readout.


TL:DR - All those other reviews you read were spot on. It’s a wagon meant for appliance duty, not a racecar. Adjust your expectations and it’s solid. Transmission loves 7th gear and lugs a bit between 40-55 on light throttle application. Interior is nice but it’s not luxury - which is where Buick has traditionally always been.

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