What if those supposed midengined Corvette prototypes were actually prep for a Stingray shooting brake? Maybe GM looked at the Ferrari FF/GT4 Lusso and thought that would be a great way to pull off an AWD ‘Vette while broadening the brand. The McLaren 570GT was the only thing needed to push the niche forward.

I mean the RWD, 2-door wagon has been attempted by GM more times than sticking the engine behind your head. Plus, none of the GM brands have an AWD sport vehicle to help transition all their cars to at least offer AWD. I’m just saying a V8, RWD/AWD, manual, 2-door, targa wagon seems far more logical than a V8 Cayman GT4, no matter how sexy of an idea that is. They can even export it to Australia with an “open pillar” package and call it a Utility Truck Experiment or UTE for short.


Related note, any news from Callaway?