2018 Debt Update

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Here is where I’m sitting in regards to debt now that we are past the halfway point of the year:

  • Kia Amanti - Paid Off
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee - $17,579.45
  • Jaguar XF - Paid Off
  • Personal Loan - $3,406.02
  • Student Loans - $2,733.10

*** Total Debt - $23,718.57 ***

The values of the cars in “Good” condition as of July 5:

  • Amanti: $900
  • WK2: $7,500
  • XF: $13,000

*** Total Values: $21,400 ***

I used all of my savings to pay off the XF back in April and I’m very happy with the decision since it freed up $444 a month. I cant remember what the insurance savings came out to once I divided it across the months though.


Nearly debt neutral but one thing I have learned is that even though the market prices may level off that doesn’t mean your car stops depreciating. That XF is very likely to lose another $4,500 by 2020 before it plateaus for a while.


Next, I’m going to pay off the Personal and Student Loans by early October. After that, I’m throwing all my attention of the WK2 in order to at least owe the value of the rig by July 2019.

I need to give you all a Career Update but I’m waiting to live with the changes a bit longer before I write about them.


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