So, just a bit over a month ago I pulled the trigger on a Civic Hatch. Now that I’ve done a smidge under 1500 miles I feel like I have a good opinion of it.

The good:

  • That turbo boost, on a base model Civic. I doesn’t really kick in until about 3,000 rpm and you can feel it. It’s kinda addicting actually and you can hear it most of the time.
  • The ride is SO much better than that fully equipped Hyundai I was given. The Hyundai’s rear suspension would basically skid over an expansion joint, the Civic feels like a Rolls-Royce compared to that snoozemobile.
  • Fuel economy is fantastic, even at 65-70mph constantly, I get an average of 38mpg! This is earth-shattering compared to the 32-34 I got on the Hyundai, and I hypermiled that car. Instead of the 350 miles of range I got on the Hyundai, I get close to 430 miles.
  • The chassis, steering and overall feel of the car is exactly what a Civic should be, light and playful. Even the OEM Hankooks do a decent job. Can’t wait for these to wear out and get summer tires.
  • I’ve learned how to deal with that annoying rev-hang.
  • Stock stereo is good even though it’s a basic 4-speaker system. Display thing works fine, better than the touchscreen crap on higher models.
  • That retracting cover thing is the most genius cargo cover ever. Don’t need it? Just retract it.
  • The gimmick to open up the windows from the remote works great during hot days.

The okay (or nitpicky):

  • Still kinda meh on the color, I always will be but hey at least it’ll be easy to keep clean!
  • I recently installed a towbar at Uhaul and I think the exhaust pipe occasionally hits the towbar, nothing crazy, just... really annoying.

The bad:

  • I’ve been hearing about fuel dilution for the L15B7 engine. I hope this doesn’t affect my car. The stop-sale in china for the CR-V kind of worries me but I never take short trips so I’ll be okay.
  • That damn rear spoiler messes up my backwards visibility.
  • The fact that you have to create voice tags for contacts with the stock audio system. It infuriates me and all customers who buy an LX something. Eh whatever I only made ones for people I actually talk to.
  • The stock Hankook Kinergy GTs make a lot of noise when going on grooved pavement as well as “cement” roads. I would’ve appreciated if Honda threw Continental Procontacts or Michelin Primacys instead of these. They’re still pretty grippy and are comfortable, I just hope these don’t become noisy. At least they’re not the Firestones on the sedan...

The only thing I may do in the near future would be to install a K&N Air intake, my coworker has one on his Si and it sounds so fucking good.

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