As of this writing, I’ve accumulated 21,064 miles on the Sonata. And its been great. The car is pretty much flawless with me going to the dealer only for routine oil changes. (let me use this opportunity to say that Hyundai dealers are fantastic. They just built a new one in my city and everything from the design of the dealer to the staff is great.)

The car is a comfortable commuter. So much so that in a way to me it makes no sense to get the Elantra, especially with the discounts that many Sonatas have. And while there are things I love, there are a things I don’t care for though.



The interior is functional and works well. Everything is where it should be and where you expect it to be. Its clean and doesn’t try so hard. I do wish that with the redesign it had coincided with a design similar to the ‘19 Santa Fe.

Hyundai’s tried and true 2.4 GDI I4 is good for the job it does. Its no highway burner, but around town and for freeway passing it gets the job done. Its surprisingly responsive off the line when placed into Sport mode. But the fuel economy is excellent. I’ve averaged 33 mpg with me getting no less than 29 with a heavy foot. For a car this size, that’s not bad. I also love how huge the fuel tank is. Nearly 600 miles on a full tank of gas.


Design wise on the exterior, I love the front end. Its gotten looks and questions of people wondering what kind of Hyundai it is. I guess people had gotten used to the blandness of the pre redesign Sonata, which I see everywhere. The rear end is I find handsome too with the Genesis like tail lamps.

Dislikes (Well more like annoyances)


You see this here? On every other trim these are LED DRL’s. On the SE? Plastic in the mold of the LED’s with standard halogen DRL’s. They made Android Auto/Apple Car Play, blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert with rear view camera standard but couldn’t make some LED lights standard?

The rear seat belt fasteners, besides the center, are frustratingly low to the point that anyone that sits in the back seat spends at least 3 mins trying to buckle the seat belt. Even longer for older people. And they cant be pulled out, they only move front and back. Its little things like this that you encounter on a daily basis that matter more than how a car handles or 0-60 times.


Lastly, this blank ass rear arm rest annoys me because like the LED DRL’s, this trim of the Sonata doesn’t get rear ac vents which is....dumb. Obviously there’s space for them but nope, just a big ass blank gray space. The AC blows hard enough to cool the rear, but it would be better to have some air back there for rear passengers to get some directly.

All in all though the car is damn good and I would suggest it to anyone that wants a comfortable family sedan that’s not a CamCord. Hyundai has made a loyal customer out of me with this car. Hopefully when I trade this in it’ll be for a G70 or a G90.