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2018 Regal Tour X - How fast will it depreciate?

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Buick averages 31.2% depreciation in the first year of ownership. That makes a projected year old buy of the top level Tour-X essence, a used price near $25,000. That’s for an AWD heated leather car, including bells, and whistles, with only 15,000 miles on it. Would that be a future crack pipe price or possibly the steal of the century?


I feel the scale here is highly weighted on either end and not in the middle. Historical GM brand cars horribly depreciate but this one could be built so well it’s worth the effort to consider the thing. In the end, will it hold up or fall off the value cliff? We have kinda been waiting for more of this kind of car, yet the buying public aren’t enthusiastically buying the VW Golf Sportwagen. If you walk up now to a VW dealer, they might just give you one with a free pony inside. So what’s the future of this Tour-X?

I had an S-10 that developed a burning electrical smell every time I turned left, rented a Chevy Cruze whose seats un-circulated my legs, and drove a Cobalt whose sheet metal near the lower windshield loudly buzzed at any speed over 72 mph. Can GM do well with this?


Can I LS swap it?

What’s the crystal oppoball say?

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