I don’t shop scotch very often from May to September, but come October I scour the internet almost daily for things I’ve missed and things to come. I make a list and get ready for November. A little bit off the beaten track this year, these last two weeks have been good.

Port Askaig 100 Proof

What is it? A non-age statement independent bottling of Caol Ila at 57.1% abv. Unfiltered and no color added. I’ve not seen whisky so near water in color before. Affordable.

Why did I want it? A young independent bottling of Caol Ila at 57.1% abv. Affordable. Looking forward to a side-by-side with the 2004 Gordon Macphail Cask Strength at 60.5% abv.


Te Bheag


What is it? Not Tea Bag (or at least I hope so). Blended whisky with 60% grain content. It’s blended on the Isle of Skye so many believe that some (if not most) of the other 40% is made with Talisker. 40% abv. Cheap.

Why did I want it? A rather large Talisker tasting flight planned for the new year/daily winter dram.


Tomatin Cu Bocan 2005


What is it? Tomatin’s peated variety. Unfiltered, no color added. There is a regular version, but this Limited Edition has 50% abv. and an age statement. Affordable.

Why did I want it? Mainland peated whiskies are few and far between. Again with the side-by-side comparison (Tomatin Legacy and 12). Affordable.


Old Perth 13


Last Saturday was our local release. I was there at 5 am to guarantee a bottle of Old Perth 13.

What is it? A blend of 90% Macallan, 10% Highland Park (both of which I haven’t tried). Blended in a single barrel, 43.8% abv., unfiltered, and a natural brown/black color. Limited to 620 bottles. Cost-wise it falls into the 17-21 year single malt price range.


Why did I want it? Curiosity. I’m not crazy about sweet ripe fruits and therefore not generally a sherried scotch drinker. This one’s different though.

Master of Malt says:

Nose: Demerara sugar, rum-raisin ice cream, bonfire smoke.

Palate: Intensely well-sherried, with dried fruit and chocolate notes by the bucket-load. A lingering smokiness sits in the background, with hints of balsamic vinegar.

Finish: Stem ginger, treacle and mince pie.

These are all things I like.

Luckily, my boozer is extremely slow to release and apparently uninterested in the secondary market value at that time.


Peated Malt Gift Pack


What is it? An overpriced but affordable variety pack holding a variety of Whiskeys made with a variety of peat.

Why did I want it? The Connemara. I’ve almost no experience with Irish Whiskey. Maybe peat will act as a doorway. The first and last Bowmore I had was 6 years ago. Laphroag 10? I like it, but only had it a couple of times. Ardmore is the wild card.


*Still on my 2018 list are the Talisker 8 and Game of Thrones Clynelish. Both are available now-ish but I may have to wait until April. As mentioned, my local boozer is very slow to release.

Anyone tried any of these? Rye, Bourbon, world, Irish, or Scotch; what’s Oppo gettin’ or got this season?