I bugged all of you regarding your opinions on trucks for my father in law, but now my dad wants one as well. We’re looking at brand new only, there are great deals to be had on pricing and financing as well, and used trucks have good prices around Denver.

We found a $14000 discount on a nicely loaded 2018 Titan XD - down to $36500 from $50500, but I can’t get over abysmal reviews on every website. Or, around $32-33K for a regular Titan with a 5'5" bed and long 4 door cab ($11500 discount from MSRP).

We found a 2018 RAM 1500 Tradesman for around $34000, with a leveling 2" lift kit and custom wheels and off-road tires. I’m guessing we could go lower than that for a bone stock tradesman.


But then I just found a 2018 Tundra SR with double cab, 8" bed, 5.7L V8, which is basically their work trim. We like the idea of a Tundra after owning a 2000 model since new and having it pretty much never break. They have 0% for 72 months financing as well, and that is very interesting.

This would be a truck for next 20 years - lack of options just means less stuff to break. I could find better wheels for $400-500.

Are we crazy considering an SR model of a Tundra, versus spending a tad bit more for a Titan XD with a way more manageable 6.5" bed, longer and more comfortable cab, way better equipped...or even considering a 2018 RAM 1500, where you can get about 25% discount on MSRP on just about any model in stock? Or, even a 2018 Silverado with 5.3L V8, Z71 package for around $35k?


Opinions? What would you buy for next 20 years, preferably under $35k?

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