2019 Chevy Spark 1LT CVT 1 Month Review

Yes, I’ve had a Spark for a month and have barely mentioned it. This is my bad review.  Talk about kicking you when your down, I had my CX-3 stolen and was given a Spark as a rental in the same morning.


In urban or suburban environments, this car, like others in its class really shines. Parking, driving and navigating around tight city lots and streets is a snap. The car has a surprisingly upright seating position, not unlike a small CUV. Visibility is really nice and you feel like you’re sitting higher than you should be in a car this size.


CVT provides adequate low speed acceleration/urban driving feel, but can drone fairly badly at higher speeds. Overall, I’d rather have had a standard torque converter.

Inside, you get seating for 5 adults. We had 3 people and Targa in there at once and that felt not too cramped for the 4 hour drive we were on.

bad pic, but cute quizzical look

Android Auto/Carplay are on tap. As is 4G LTE powered wifi in the car. I have no idea why GM is pushing the in-car wifi so hard, I don’t think it is useful, but whatever. Onstar is also present, I did not require it.


The Bad

This car is CHEAP. You can tell corners have been cut everywhere. Everything is hard and hollow feeling. Material quality is very poor.


The drivetrain is woefully inadequate on the interstate or even trying to accelerate hard. Brakes are awful.

The rear cupholder is reminiscent of a bedpan and is recessed into the middle rear seat. My wife and I even referred to it as “the bedpan” and my sister-in-law who is a nurse agreed.


Also, for some reason, the fuel gauge goes from 1 to 0. FUEL CAN’T BE BINARY CHEVY, it’s a scale.


Overall, you’d be better getting a Micra or something not made by GM.

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