2019 Crosstrek - First Upgrade

The Crosstrek was delivered with the port installed LED interior light upgrade. Annoyingly, this $99 option only included the map lights and dome light. The cargo light was still left with a sad looking incandescent bulb. Anyone with an SJ Forester, GP Crosstrek/Impreza , or GT Crosstrek/Impreza will know that the cargo light leaves a lot to be desired.

One $10 Sylvania Zevo 194 bulb later:



At night:


There were reports of some LED bulbs causing issues with blowing fuses and/or interrupting remote locking functions while the light was illuminated. I can report that I have no such issues with this Zevo bulb so far.  Interestingly, it is rumored that the port installed upgrade kit uses Sylvania bulbs, possibly Zevos.  

While the new LED bulb is great, there’s always room for improvement. I have my eye on something that should make the cargo area even brighter. Something that I wanted to do with the SH Forester, but never did. Something that will require following the sage advice of Jesse...  

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