2019 Jeep Cherokee Rental: Quick thoughts & AMA



I’m not so good at long form reviews, plus I don’t have too much to say about it, but ask questions of you have them. A few quick thoughts:

  • First off, massive massive blind spots. I can see why all these new safety features are considered mandatory by people these days. No wonder crossover drivers get in so many accidents (that might be some personal bias showing).
  • The auto stop start is incredibly annoying, it makes taking off very jerky as well. If you want it off you have to turn it off every time you get into the car.
  • I’m pretty sure this one is equipped with the 9speed auto. It sucks. Shifts are hard and constant. It tries very desperately to keep the car between 2-2.5k rpm and fights you if you want to step on it, then it taks quite a while to find the right gear.
  • Despite the transmission’s best efforts it seems to only be averaging 23mpg, according to the trip computer. Probably because the throttle is mapped to go wide open if you give it any more than 10% on the pedal.
  • The 9 speed paired with the 2.4l Multi-Air makes for an un-thrilling drive. If you like to go slow, this is the car for you.
  • Interior quality is so-so. The leather on the seats and steering wheel is nice and is holding up well for 24k presumably hard miles. Everything else is pretty low rent though.
  • The steering took a lot of getting used to. Very very vague. Reminds me a lot of the ‘99 Suburban my family used to have, except much lighter.
  • The ride is oddly firm, and it does corner surprisingly well with a shocing absence of the body roll one would expect.
  • UConnect is decent. Carplay only occupies about 80% of the screen, which seems like a waste.
this is infuriating


  • Heres an interesting quirk: the volume up/down and track skip/prev buttons are on the back of the steering wheel. I discovered this completely by accident (I thought they were manual mode shift buttons for some reason)
not my picture, the cherokee does not have paddle shifters


  • Headlights are decent
  • the ‘O’ in Cherokee has already fallen off the passenger door

All in all, not my cup of tea. I hate being so high. But it is decently equipped and has lots of “convenience” and “safety” features that buyers in this segment demand. To be honest though, I don’t see why anyone would choose a Cherokee over a CX-5 or even a CRV.



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