2019 RAM 1500 Thoughts

(now that i got up close and personal with one)

Not THIS one but you get the idea

Tailgate feels flimsy.

$43k for a TRADESMAN with steelies. lul

Tow mirrors (not pictured above) are EXACTLY the same as the previous gen

Lots of back seat room. You could put an air mattress on the floor in the rear with the rear seat bottom folded up


Bespoke new key is neat.

Shark fin antenna is neatly centered in the rear above the CHMSL. Take THAT, GM with your offset mounted fins... and previous RAMs (like mine) with old school masts.

New gauges are BEAUTIFUL. You can adjust the center screen to display the same data in top right, top left, and center for lulz. I choose outside temp in Celsius.

Nose angles forward, not 100% flat as I imagined.

Lots of storage with the front bench. With the center seat folded down (the headrest nearly touches the dash) there is storage in there (less than in my truck though), and with it folded up there is an accessible cubby under the seat bottom.


Edit: Big enough to hold TWO of those XDs in the post below this.

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