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2019 Subaru Ascent

Well the local Subaru dealer got a preproduction model of the 2019 Subaru Ascent yesterday. So I went to check it out. My wife really likes her Forester but we are running out of room with it now that we have 2 children and a dog that we take everywhere. This was in the Abyss Blue Pearl that we like and was the top of the line Touring model. Unfortunately a test drive was not possible so that was a let down. First impressions are that is not nearly as cool as the Viviz concept but it’s a decently porportioned crossover. The front row is spacious and the center console doesn’t impede in the footwell nearly as much as the Forester.The gauge cluster is nice but doesn’t have a digital screen.


The second row has plenty of space for rear facing carseats and passes the sit behind myself test. A medium size doggo should have plenty of space to lay down between the second row captains chairs.

The third row is tight for an adult. I hit my head against the roof and my knees against the second row seat backs. But it folds down flat for more storage. Storage is very limited with the seats up.


Overall it’s no replacement for a minivan but if that is not your style it should be a good family truckster. My wife loves it and we had pre-ordered one a few months back with all the options we wanted. The deposit is refundable thankfully so we will be checking out a Highlander, Pilot and Sienna. I still would prefer a Ford Flex but my wife hates them. What are your thoughts on Subaru’s latest moneymaker?

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