2020 BMW M8 starts at $133k

The hotter version of the recently introduced 8 Series has arrived and boy is it pricey, as expected. Here’s the pricing breakdown for the coupe and convertible versions.

There are 2 versions of the M8 available: the standard M8 which starts at $133,000 and the M8 Competition Coupe which starts at $146,000.

BMW claims this is their most powerful engine they’ve ever produced
Image: BMWUSA.com

The M8 gets powered by a 4.4 liter TwinPower Turbo V8 with 600 horses. This power gets routed through an 8 speed M tuned Steptronic auto to an awd system.They estimate 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. There are 12 exterior colors to choose from. 2 are $1,950 options and one, a Frozen Bluestone metallic is a $5,000 option. I choose Black of course.

There are 3 wheel options. All are no cost 20” options of varying multi spoke designs. All are no cost options as well. I choose a Black wheel.


Again, this is BMW so you are going to have a lot of choices with anything that comes with a color. There are 9 different interior leather choices: 2 grays, 1 black, 1 red, 1 tan, 1 brown and 2 Ivory White options that are 2 tone. 7 of the colors are $3,500 options including the 2 tone ivory white options. I choose Black Full Merino Leather for an addition of $3,500. Interior dash inlays consist of 4 choices: Ash Grain Grey Metallic Wood, Carbon Fiber, Piano Black Finish ($1,080) and Ash Black Silver Wood ($1,080). I find it weird that the Carbon Fiber trim is no extra costs but the wood and Black finish are. I guess that’s the result of spending over 6 figures for a car. I choose Carbon Fiber trim.


There are 2 option packages for the M8. The first one is a Driving Assistance Package. Pretty much your standard array of driving assistance tech. This package is $1,700. The second package, and this one is c. Meaning you can choose which features you want, to an extent in the package. And when I say to an extent, I mean that you can only choose from 2 different features you want to have or remove. One of them is the first Driving Assistance Package. I added both of these packages.


There are 6 stand alone options for the M8: an Alcantara headliner for no additional charge, ; Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System for $3,400; Night Vision system for $2,300; M Carbon Exterior Package for $5,400; Carbon Ceramic Brakes for $8,150; A M Driver’s Package for $2,500. The last one is pretty much a driving course at the BMW Performance Center. I added all of these options except the Drivers Package and the Night Vision system.

All in a loaded M8, depending on how loaded you get, will set you back $156,730 Give or take a few hundred bucks.At this price there are a lot of performance options.


The next trim for the M8 is the Competition Trim. It starts at $146,000. It also comes with 617 horses and a 3 second flat 0-60 time. Which means that you’re paying $13,000 for 17 more horses and a .1 knock off the 0-60 time, and a few other goodies.

Everything on the M8 Competition is exactly the same, down to the exterior and interior color choices. The M8 Competition gets special sports seats inside but they come in the same colors as the standard M8. The Competition trim also sees no charge for all but 2 of the seat trims ( the ivory white options). Dash inlays are the same woods black finish and carbon fiber trim as well.


With the same options, an M8 Competition is $165,150. Thats a lot of coin.


The final 2 members of the M8 family are the convertible versions. The M8 convertible starts at $142,500; M8 Competition Convertible starts $155,500. Literally everything is the same save for one option: the convertibles get the option of a $500 neck warmer for those of us that don’t mind cold top down drives. I added this. All in an M8 Convertible is $165,650; M8 Competition Convertible $175,150. Exotic car pricing for what amounts to a GT who’s main competitor is probably the Mercedes S Class coupe. I don’t know if I would consider it if I were shopping for cars in this price category.

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