I have a 2020 GLC for the night if anyone wants any impressions or questions answered. I never really liked the old styling but the new front end is very attractive in person to me. Not a big fan of the missing rotary controller for the infotainment, I liked being able to do things just from memory while driving. The touchscreen/pad is much more distracting to do simple tasks while moving.

Its got the premium package, pano, ambient lighting etc. I’ve already set the hey mercedes feature to only come on when I push the talk button, which is how the feature is really utilized best imo unless you’re someone into that sort of Alexa style technology. Personally Id rather tap the button for heated seats than to say a command and wait several seconds to see if she got it, even if it is super accurate. Just not a fan of talking to electronics lol, Id much rather do things myself (which is why I still drive two cars from before 2000).


Going to a rainy outdoor concert tonight with only lawn parking so I took advantage of the sales manager allowing everyone to drive the new GLC. Figured this was the perfect night to take it, now I can avoid the worry of driving the clownshoe onto some grass and getting dinged or bottoming out lol.

Looks like this, but its black. My phone screen is messed up right now (new screen from Amazon comes tomorrow. Only cost 25$ for a new iphone 6 screen with diy tools) so I can’t take my own photos.

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