2020 preliminary car-shopping: who the hell knows.

With the fleet remaining idle (car pun! 😐) for 2019, I now look to the future — with a path that is as foggy as ever.

First I was looking at extended cab 4x4 pickups — you probably don’t remember since I never posted about them once, all the time, every day. Then came the BoF SUVs, specifically a 100-series Land Cruiser. But lately I’ve been looking up Mk2 TTs and MR2 Spyders... I want all of the things, people.


I’ve also been back daydreaming about a clean manual E91. (Un)fortunately those are becoming far beyond my ability to acquire. I also did some research on the 128i, even though a car like that is totally not my thing. You mean it’s not a non-running Tercel?” OKAY! Lay off, guys. I’m trying to E M O T E here.

So my goal is to acquire extra monies — if such exist, I don’t know. Haven’t lived in the new house long enough to really know how much it’s costing, plus my new IRA, new life insurance, whatever. I hope to have money nearing hummmm maybe 10 grand by summer of 2020, and then just test drive *everything* I want and see what my heart tells me. How, or if, I can meet that budget goal remains to be seen. I have no intention of selling any of the current vehicles.

It’s gonna be a long year...

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