One of the last to have a number, made from 1988 to 1995 (and longer in developing markets)

It’s still a common sight in rural and small town France. I spotted this immigrant one a couple of months ago. Battered, but its owner still trusted it enough to take it abroad. It’s from north of Paris.


Top trivia:

The 21 was one of two Renaults designed by Guigiaro

It had a choice of longitudinal or transverse engines because Renault didn’t have a transverse gearbox strong enough for the larger engines and weren’t going to design one.

The estate version was called the Nevada, except in those countries where the US state of that name had registered itself. It got called the Savanna there instead.


The 21 was sold to the Americans as the Eagle Medallion, with added Americaness - funny lights and so on.

It was for a time called the Renault Étoile in Colombia.

There was a 4wd model called the Quadra.

The 21 replaced the 18 and like that car had a choice of four door or estate. Unlike the 18 that choice proved to be insufficient so an awkward looking hatch was added.


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