Meet a flying 215 for the day that’s in it.

The Dornier Do 215 was variously a bomber, reconnaissance plane and night fighter and was designed by the somewhat unexpectedly French sounding Claude Dornier of the eponymous aircraft company. Originally intended for export - somewhat ironically the Dutch Air Force ordered some just before the start of WW2- the 215 wound up being used by the Luftwaffe. It was powered by a pair of DB 601 V12s whose interesting feature was that they were mounted with the crankcase up. It was nicknamed for obvious reasons the Flying Pencil as were the preceding Do 17 and the subsequent Do 217.

None of the 105 made survive intact and there are none of its much more numerous successor either.


After the war Dornier had a somewhat complicated life which included the aircraft business being bought by Fairchild who later went broke. Another unit became Dornier Medtech which makes amongst others equipment to treat your kidney stones.

Yet another part of the company built the Faint Object Camera for the Hubble telescope which was used from 1990 to 2002.

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