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Today, we’re going with the letter W. The Mercedes W219 to be exact, aka the first gen CLS. (Yes, we could have had a plain 219 which was something else altogether).

The CLS was designed by a Mr Fink and was intended as a kind of posh, Jaaaag type variation of the E class. More money, less practicality, more style. It’s a four door coupé then, a concept that makes some enter a state of instantaneous apoplexy. Interestingly, the path from concept to production version was subcontracted to an outside company, IVM Automotive.


CLSs in my part of the world are almost exclusively 3.0 diesels, others buy all sorts of V6 and V8 petrol ones up to 6.2 litre with really quite a lot of bhp. None of them come with a clutch pedal.

No, I don’t know if Merc were playing silly buggers with the diesel’s emissions.

Here’s a US spec one showing a number plate that seems just a little lost in a space intended also for a wider one.

Illustration for article titled 21/9!

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