Yesterday's Blitzermarathon in many European countries has yielded some weird results.
The crew of a Police cruiser in Denmark had their Jimmies rustled when their patrol car was overtaken by a big BMW with a twin-axle trailer going no less than 213 kilometres per hour on a stretch of road where the speed limit was 80 kph.

The driver eventually slowed down to a more modest 171 kph before being pulled over.

Asked for his driving permit, the driver admitted that he had already been banned from driving earlier. That said, they were in a hurry ... they really wanted to catch a ferry, which must be serious business.

The officers involved had trouble finding an appropriate fine, as legislation has not previously busied itself with ludicrous trailer hauling. According to some estimates, the fine should turn out equivalent to a pretty pedestrian 1,000 to 1,300 Euro in terms of money.
Now, If I were to decide about that guy's driving fate, though, he would be demoted to driving a unicycle.


Can anyone throw some science at whether or not you can safely drive 120+ mph with a trailer?

[ Disclaimer: picture doesn't show the actual car; illustrative material only ]