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I get a weird fart from the exhaust right under my seat when the engine first fires.


The doors are reluctant to close.

Everything squeaks, pops and cracks. Hard plastic interiors ftw amiright? Though tbh it’s really the only time it bugs me.


MY KINGDOM FOR A HEATED STEERING WHEEL. Seriously. I’m not too concerned about what toys a vehicle may or may not have, and I like the simplicity of mine... but one feature I really wish it had is a heated wheel.

Everything is lethargic. Steering is full of molasses. Even after 5 minutes of driving and being mostly up to temp it felt reluctant to get on the highway.


BUT... once everything is warmed up, man this thing has balls in the cold. VROOOOOOOOM. WORTH IT

There you go warm-climate Oppo’s, that’s what it’s like. Know what? I still enjoy it. It’s fine if it’s not windy and when it is the fire is that much more enjoyable.


...aaaaand cue everyone in midwestern Canada jumping on the “you think you have it bad” train. No, not really.

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