21st Century Goldwing Upgrades

So when I was planning my Indiana trip for last weekend I realized the Goldwing desperately needed a few upgrades. Time to bring this 1980 machine into the 2010s!

My Bluetooth speaker won’t survive a long trip and neither would my phone, so I added a switched fast charging USB hub.


Works great, even better than any charger I have at home!

Next, I’m tackling the lighting. I’m going to change out the headlamp housing for a LED unit, but if my experience with my Buell Blast taught me anything, it’s that a single LED headlight on a dark country road may still keep me in the dark when it comes to hazards.

So in addition to changing the candlestick of a headlight out (on order, not installed yet), I added spotlights.


And for the best wiring job I’ve ever done, I was able to tuck almost everything away. The observant among you may notice these were the parts off Imperator Slowiosa III. Yep! These were no use to the scooter since it doesn’t have a powerful enough electrical system. But the Goldwing certainly does!


Switch for the lights blend in with the choke.


And in my test ride this morning, the lights are also pretty good for daytime visibility, too!

Next, I want to update the dashboard lights to LED, replace the return spring on the carb, finally trace down why my turn signals are wonky, and fix the hole in the right pipe.

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