Here we go.

Looks a bit odd with just the six wheels, doesn’t it? That’s because it was based on a three axle truck.

Here’s the cure for that.

On a historical note, the Sd Kfz 231 was built on a chassis supplied by BĂĽssing, who otherwise made trucks and buses.


Here’s their logo.

EdiBy BĂĽssing_logo.jpg: Sebastian Wallrothderivative work: Xavax - This file was derived from BĂĽssing logo.jpg:, Public Domain,

In 1971 they were taken over by MAN who made their unusual underflloor engined trucks until the 1980s. The name is no longer used but:


The Lion of Braunschweig survives in the familiar (unless you’re an American) MAN logo.