Have a Ferrari!

Except that it’s not. It was built by Ferrari but it was never badged as such. Instead it’s a Dino 246.

The 246 replaced the Dino 206 which was (yes!) a 2.0 V6 and had the same Fiat built engine as the Fiat Dino. Ferrari claimed a few more horses for theirs but in reality it came off the same production line and was exactly the same unit.

Anyways the non Ferrari 246 was the first model to be made in relatively large numbers with about 3,500 built, roughly two (closed) 246GTs for each (open) 246GTS.

By modern standards it doesn’t sound very quick with 195 hp, or 175 for the US spec model, but then it weighs only just over a tonne because no safety equipment other than belts so it’s brisk enough. You won’t in any case be driving your 246 because it’ll just sit in a climate controlled garage while it appreciates.

A few years these were getting quite expensive at about £60,000 in the UK. You should have bought one at that inflated price because they’re now five times as expensive.


The 246 was replaced by the Dino 308 which was later badged as a Ferrari due to customer demand for a more prestigious badge. Last time I heard the 308 was somewhat unloved but it’s probably worth a fortune now as well