24 Friggin Hours... K5 Rant

Picked up the Blazer at 5:00 Tuesday night, ran and drove like a champ home and to work yesterday no sweat.  On my way to church last night at 5:30, a notice a clunky noise from the driver side front wheel area. The timing of the clunking was corresponding with speed.  Slow speed, slow clunk, faster speed faster clunking.  Make it home, visually inspect driver side drive line and wheel, nothing visibly amiss, aside from some grease/oil from the 4wd hub.  So I’m stuck without a ride to get to work, hello Lyft.  No time to dig into it, as I’m going on a retreat tomorrow in the mountains, so hello Hertz.  I’m guessing it’s either a wrecked hub (GM auto-locking hubs aren’t great, switching to Warn Premiums anyway) or the wheel bearing is gone.  And my wife, who was already pissed that I sold a nice 2005 Truck with A/C for a 33 year old project, spent all night telling me how she was right and what a moron I am.  I had a whole network of wrenching buddies back in Denver, but I know nobody out here in Phoenix, so I’m on my own.  Grrrrrrrr....


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