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24 hours

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24 hours is roughly how long I have to pull the trigger on this Jeep before the next supplicant comes calling. (Yes, this really isn’t mine.)


I took it out for a spin this afternoon. It drives like a dream. It shifts like a dream (mine is very non-dreamy right now). A clean manual TJ for this price begs to be bought.


Regrettably, it’s only clean up top, and under the hood. The not so great.

It’s not holey yet, just rotting. I’m sure it can be rescued with some elbow grease (or, more accurately for me, someone else’s elbow grease).


I want it, I want it badly, but there’s no way I’d say no once they ran the numbers, so I told them I’d have to sleep on it before talking financing.

I want to go back.

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