Attn: Porsche9146, Nobody, McNewbie. I imagine there will be an Open Thread on the Jalopnik main page but I'm just wondering if any of you are planning on doing a live blog this year. If you are I just have a suggestion for a format to use.

As opposed to making a post on Oppo every time something happens, I'd like to suggest a live blog where you make a new post in one thread every time something happens and change the scheduled time of the post to keep it at the top of Oppo for the entire time that the race is on.

eg, use the time remaining or time into the race and follow if with a blurb of what's happening

24:00 - The race starts with the Audi of someone at the head of the field...

23:59 - The race has been red flagged because a wild Romain Grosjean appeared at the first turn...





This would be especially useful for me because I'll have to miss that majority of the race due to having to work sunday morning and a nice chronological blog like this would be great to catch up on the race's happenings. Perhaps this idea could even be done instead of an open thread and just have this shared on the front page.