Got in an overtake battle with a Geo Tracker.

I was traveling on the highway, keeping a reasonable distance from the Tracker in front of me. As we approached a hill I started to gain incrementally. I was doing approximately 70mph on the approach.

For anyone who doesn't know, 70 is screaming for this car. Wind noise is not an issue, and good luck listening to that radio. I pull into the left lane to overtake, and as soon as I'm in the lane I start to hear a new noise.

"What is that?" I think to myself.

It's getting louder and louder and I'm getting more and more worried. I'm checking my gauges, thinking what it could possibly be when suddenly I realize. Holy crap, it's the Geo. Must have had a huge exhaust leak for me to hear it over my car.

There we were, both cars at full throttle. The overtake played out much like that semi trying to pass another semi up a hill, in that it took almost the entire distance of the hill.


Don't worry, had another vehicle been coming I'd have acquiesced so as not to annoy my fellow motorist.