240D Restoration: Lets Breathe In Horse Hair!!!

So I decided to remove the rear seats so I could clean out from under them and as I removed the back rest all I could hear was "crunch crunch". The sound of 36 year old horsehair pad disintegrating into dust. I pulled it out and stripped the vinyl off the frame.

as you can see it's nasty. The frame has rusted a bit and I can't reuse it. Usually the later cars have green rubberized hair which lasts forever. The bottom bench has green which is odd. Anyways I stripped it and vacuumed the crap out of the rear seats. I need to sew some upholstery cardboard so I can put the arm rest back on to it's frame and sew some muslin to the bottom and do the same since the original is no more.


I popped the hood to spray some stuff down with PB just to do it and make note of what needs to be vacuumed/ drains cleared. The accelerate linkages need to be lubed and I need to flush the coolant. I saw green stuff which is not correct and not good for the plastic radiator.

More to come!

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