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240D Restoration: Valve Adjustment Time

I decided to adjust the valves today and attempt to start the car and see how well she would run.

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The engine is a bit dirty from sitting for a long time and I plan on cleaning it up. I forgot to take photos of the progress but if you notice in my handy tool holding tray I have two bent wrenches and then a larger wrench to hold the valve springs in place. 6 out of the 8 valves were incredibly tight so I reset the lash and installed a new valve cover gasket.

Turning the engine over by hand was a bit hard, my friend said the cylinders probably have a little bit of surface rust in them so I should pull the glow plugs and dribble in some marvel mystery oil and turn it over by hand to coat the cylinder walls and lube the rings. We tossed in a battery and let the glow plugs warm up and cranked.... and cranked.. and cranked and got nothing.


I suspect the 20 year old fuel might be an issue so I plan on getting a small can of diesel and running supply and return to it to test it that way. No weird sounds came from the engine while cranking.

We also pulled all of the linkages off and lubricated all of the joints, they were incredibly stiff and not cooperating.


Hopefully this week I can get her started and see how healthy the engine is. The title should be arriving this week so I can get a VIN cut key and open the trunk. Fingers crossed it has a trunk triangle. My last 240D had one and that was an '82 model year.

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