These eBay challenges on After Drive are fun. I'll post my $25,000 choices if you'll post yours โ€“ sounds cool? Great! Glad I have friends like you guys!

1995 Mercedes E320 Wagon - $4,900

One of the most indestructible cars in the world makes a perfect, practical daily driver in wagon form. What more basic transportation could you need?


1992 Mazda Miata - $2,995

Decently clean NA for short money. I know Spinelli tried to avoid Miata's on his list but I just couldn't help myself!


1973 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia - $13,500

The most expensive and possibly slowest car on the list, but who cares? It's gorgeous. I like to think of the Ghia as the poor man's 356.


1994 GMC Jimmy - $1,495

Not the most exciting car on the list, but everyone needs a good 4x4 beater! My father owned a S-15 from the same period and said it's one of the best trucks he ever had, so this lovely Jimmy will do.


1988 Volkswagen Fox GL Wagon - $1,900

This is a bit of an oddball on this list but I had some money in my theoretical budget leftover and who wouldn't want a two door manual wagon? It needs some work, but I've got 4 other reliable cars to drive.


So all that totals to be $24,790 which is not that bad for 5 great cars like these. Now show me what you got!