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25,000 times Y donut reasons to hate the FIA...

People are complaining about F1 celebrations being dull. And I agree. It is not the first time this topic is or will be address, I'm sure, but it's time for the FIA to stop being such dimwits. Drivers like to celebrate, and more so when they achieve a milestone in their careers, a win at their favorite circuit, or a victory for that sake. Celebrations can range in their manner, but the result is that it's a way for the driver to show his love for the sport and fans other than the typical podium jumping and champagne sipping that is somewhat "traditional" to the sport.


Because most drivers are PR driven machines, we need more ways for them to be personable to the fans, other than by the means described above or the display of that dreaded #1 finger.

Valentino Rossi celebrating victory at Jerez, Spain in 2007.

Take MotoGP for example. Drivers set up celebrations in all sorts of style and misdemeanor. They are funny, well intention-ed and its a way for the public and racer to connect. Rossi for example loves a good laugh, and we have seen him even celebrate with a chicken after it took him a while to conquer his last title. Or go on the podium with some donkey ears (his helmet had the Shrek donkey painted on after he accidentally fell in the wet of the previous race). Lorenzo celebrated a victory at Laguna Seca by faking a moon landing (or reenacting it if you are a conspiracy advocate) and planting his Lorenzo Land flag on the hill; he demonstrated his love for comics as he carried a Captain America shield on his Victory lap at Indianapolis.

Lorenzo quickly stop during his Victory lap to change into his moon gear and once and for all claim Laguna Seca.


And this is why I once again offer a stern Wag of my finger (a la Colbert) to the FIA for fining the defending champ; Sebastian Vettel for clamping down on his celebration after achieving a 4th title in a row [with a €25,000 fine). Something that is essential to sportsmen and fans alike, and that is a good celebration. Because nothing tells the rest of the world that on that occasion [or the whole year in this case], you where better than them.

Yes I know, that is from Jerry Mcguire

On a side note; Bernie, you want to succeed in America? Make sure the drivers are free to celebrate. Just watch the end of a Nascar race, a [American] Football touch down, and you'll see Americans love celebrations, burning rubber in celebratory donuts, dances, you name it.


Probably the hardest athletic prowess any Nascar driver has attempted (other than turning right).

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