Aaaaand...we’ve finished. Having combined the 20 with the 30 there are no more numbered Renaults left.

Meet the 25, original and facelifted. I prefer the original to the blandified Mk2. Bonus Volvo 480ES on the other side of the canal.


The 25 replaced the 20 and 30 (so Renault basically split the difference) and like them and the Safrane that followed it was a large, fwd hatch with four and six cylinder engines.

It had an interior that was very much of its time, so lots of buttons and switches and if you paid enough buttons on the wheel too.

Note the DIY gears even on this upmarket one:


Nowadays sadly many of the survivors look more like this.


The 25 had another and less known existence. At the time the 25 was being developed Renault had a major shareholding in AMC and so the 25 was used as a basis for a new AMC model, the Eagle Premier. Truth to be told, there was little apart from the underbody and the PRV V6 engine of the 25 in the Premier. It got a new four door body by Giugiaro (because the hatch would have been regarded as foreign, evil and very likely socialist), a new interior and a column operated gearchange, because American. Less American, but less Renault as well, was the ZF 4HP18 automatic box attached to said gearlever.


The 25 was followed by the Safrane, which was more of the same, and when that didn’t do very well the Vel Satis followed with even less success.


As it happens, I found myself parked beside a Vel Satis this evening. Who’d have thought?

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