So the caliper was definitely dragging. Grabbed a set of guide pins and boots since they’re notorious for going bad on these. Well, the lower pin is pretty much fused to the caliper (3 pound sledge + heat motivation) and one of the pistons was also in real bad condition. So I said screw it, let’s do it right and ordered a set of calipers from O’Reilly’s. $250 + $90 back after core. I’ll take it. Not replacing the rotors yet since they have plenty of meat and my pads are less than a year old. (as easy as these rotors are to replace I’ll do it later on - $$ is the variable here.) So the new/remans are greased, boots checked, clips installed. Also holy manufacturing oil everywhere. Also also kinda wish they were the same color but whatever, dark grey and light grey looks better than rust and rust.

Illustration for article titled 250 brake update - Ill get to enjoy this dammed thing sooner or later

Also, the Stringbean has a nice suspension clunk at the top of going over a bump so that'll be an interesting one to tackle next. 

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