250 GTO Replica: I need your Oppo-pinion

So this dealership in CO admittedly has some pretty cool stuff (for a lot of money)....I think went into a wormhole from one of the Oppo posts and came across this:

I love the ever-living shit out of the 250 GTO.

I have looked for good 250 GTO replicas and have found none that are in the more reasonable 80-100K price range. The closest amazing thing I found was Rob Tempero’s creation. But of course, they cost millions of dollars.


(seriously, do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen his stuff!)

When I was searching for replicas, I came across a build post for a 280Z based replica with a BMW V12. Its made from fibre glass and built in a garage by like 2 people. I don’t think its the same car though and its not something people can buy anyway.

This particular replica is also built on a 280Z and also looks decent but just a little off....I don’t know.

So, is it worth it? If at all I were to get it (I’m not going to get it) - I’d remove the fucking antenna, complete the car with GTO interiors and other stuff. What do you think?


Do you know of any other cool GTO 250 replica makers?

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