Good news, the Lexus made it the 110 miles back from Leicester to home.

Bad news, somewhat predictably, not all of those miles were made under its own steam... 30 miles to go and the water pump pulley sheared off. 27 miles to go, alternator warning came on.

10 miles to go, hazards come on, and off to the side of the M25 we go, awaitng recovery... on a car with no tax or MOT :/


£180 later and we have it flat bedded back to ours and ready to commence work.


The offending water pump pulley:


Total cost: £250 (car) £36 (insurance) £30 (fuel for it) £45 (fuel for my car to get to it) £180 (recovery)

Oh, and the smell is unbelievably strong. My housemate went in the tow truck, and i left them to go to his lockup, parked near and walked towards it. I could smell the car before i could see it, and i’m not exaggerating there!