£250 Lexus Update

Yep, still smells pretty doggy in there.

Me and my housemate went and pulled the engine today. He has spent a lot of the week evenings pulling stuff off the engine to make it possible.

Note the bonnet on the roof. Only way to get the access we need.
Nawwhhh the previous owners.
Ewwwww the previous owners...
Gearbox in the process of coming out (hence the lack of knob)
the new Lexus Lightweight range hasn’t really caught on. Something about being underpowered?
And the fucked engine.
And the remnants of the water pump pulley.
Pulled out the rear seat to access the rear O2 sensor on the exhaust. Filth left behind...
Yep, thats grim.
Under the passenger seat.
Atleast the car is paying for itself.

Gearbox and Exhaust are completely removed whilst we work out how we are going to refit the engine with a fairly limited access.

New engine is sourced and being pulled from another crashed car and being delivered in the next few weeks. As we arent in any rush and got a good price, so aiming for a running car again by November.

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