250 Miles on a 50cc Scooter

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and decide to do something you know is stupid? I had one of those days on Saturday when I called a few of my riding buddies with “Hey, I’ve got nothing going on. Let’s take the 50cc bikes to the coast” After assuring them multiple times that I was serious, we met up, set our GPS to “bicycle mode” and “avoid freeways” and set out.

Quick break at a rest stop

This was the route we ended up taking, lots of snakey tarmac well off the normal routes to the coast (especially good considering the holiday weekend)

Such twisties, wow

Right off the bat the other guy on a ruckus was having CVT issues. It didn’t seem to want to downshift, so on uphills he was outside the massive 3.5hp powerband, and limited to under 30mph. Mine did ok, averaging about 35 uphill, but with waiting we ended up taking just shy of 4 hours to get to the coast. It did not help that the ride out mas more uphill than down.

Victory! All three made it out without major issue

We hung around in the town for a few hours, grabbed some food, explored a bit, and then headed back along the same route for home. This way went much faster, averaging about 40 or so MPH. On the long twisty downhill sections we were actually able to lose cars most of the time (don’t worry, we were very cognizant of traffic and pulled over whenever we saw a car approaching quickly). We ended up getting back tpo the city in about 3.5 hours. Overall, really glad I did it, the bike handles the abuse extremely well (7 hours of WOT rev limiter, did not burn a drop of oil), though that much seat time is a bit much on a machine with questionable ergonomics and about an inch of suspension travel.


Took a shitty vertical video of the last stretch of road heading back in to town.

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