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facebook group


Don't be too excited, this group is in its very early stages right now. The author of the site (not me) is planning on organizing a large group of people to sign hopefully larger petitions in the future as well as working with SEMA Action Network, which is kind of like an autmotive/aftermarket 'lobby' group pushing for fairer laws for enthusiasts, and hopefully other large groups. A mailing list to inform large numbers of people of updates is apparently in the works.

So, a banner is needed. It has to be 1600x230. Voting will be done for the best one.
"Looking for some banner submissions. We will be looking for a banner for the header of the page and the dimensions will be 1600 x 230px. Looking for nice and clean, but also a possible collage of old and new imports from left to right, prefer RHD imports as this is the majority of the vehicles we will be working to import.

Please e-mail rpk2012@gmail.com with any submissions."

(^this forum is dedicated to car importing and stuff and the owner also sponsored the mentioned blog. pretty cool rides to check out and be jealous of Canadians over!)