For a supposedly 20-year life design, the used Landcruiser looks like a great deal. They are fabulous for sure, however, for the money, Is there a better option? A 2006/7 Landcruiser seems to go for this price with not that many miles on it. Usually, in that age, they’re approaching 100k if not already way over. So, instead of a 100k mile Landcruiser, what wold be a great deal for that 26k?

[I’ll edit a bit more with another thought added] So the overkill off road ability notwithstanding, it’s an incredible luxobarge with reliability and build quality even at 100k miles. It brings to mind a point: is anything else newer a better vehicle for the price given how well built this is? am I oversimplifying? I don’t know. We could get a 4motion golf wagon, or a lesser used SUV or AWD thingy of some kind. Highlander/4Runner? Not necessarily a Toyota fanboy here, but I appreciate things that only break when it’s convenient for me. Thoughts?


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