Ok, so the worst has happened, I need to put money into my 2007 Mazda6S hatch before I ditch it in the fall for a Canyon.
Needs rear shocks.
NAPA $51ea
Mazda $130ea

NAPA was delivered to my work today if I wanted.. they don't know I work right down the road so I'll just pick them up when I leave work.
At Mazda they are one day away *special order*.. which I'll assume means their apprentice isn't in until tomorrow to go grab them off a shelf.

But emailing Mazda to get their hilarious price was worthwhile because this:

I don't think I've ever seen that, the MazdaSpeed 55 Concept.

Edit: I think it would be fun to get quotes on parts for a car.. like every part, and see what it would cost to build a car solely by order from a dealership Parts-Service Department