Let’s celebrate today with a Honda.

No, not one of those boring cars that only Americans buy in any number but the 1960s RA273, Honda’s F1 car of the time.

The RA273 replaced the RA272 with its wonderful sounding 1.5 V12 and had a 3.0 V12 to accord (see what I did there?) with the new rules.


It was raced in 1966 and 1967 with little success. In ‘66 it was driven by two Americans, something that sounds very odd today when F1 hasn’t had an American for some time and a successful one for a very long time. Richie Ginther went on to win one F1 race, Ronnie Bucknum of whom I have never heard before didn’t have much joy in racing. As it happens neither of them saw their 60th birthday.

The following year saw John Surtees at the wheel with a little more success.

Note the absence of advertising and that the car just has the Japanese colours, making it look a little like a Zero

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