28/04 Mazda Meet

As I am sure you’ll already know four of us (plus one) conceived a mini-meet at the Mazda Classic Frey in Augsburg, Germany. Here’s my point of view.

The first leg on friday covered 300ish km from my place to cologne where me and an anonymous Audi driver were spending the night. The next day we obviously departed half an hour behind schedule, casually cruising past two of germany’s finest race tracks, the Nürburgring and the Hockenheimring. Naturally we were hit with holiday traffic on the A8, not helped by a bridge demolition forcing us to make a detour through Pforzheim. Great. More time lost. Once we were past Ulm though we were finally able to just floor it, not only exceeding the speed limit but also the official top speed of a 2.0L Maxima QX by 20kph, helped by some downhill Autobahns and a beige Macan Turbo that couldn’t really overtake the car in front of it. As a result we only arrived half an hour too late. Obviously Waze routed us into some back alley far away from our destination, which would usually result in me turning around if it weren’t for an oddly dutch sight:


It occured to me that I accidentally set the Nav to “Duurtlang’s 406" instead of the Mazda Museum. This wouldn’t be the last Navigation mishap...

I too took pictures at the Museum but so did FSI and he’s got a better camera than me, so check out his write-up for doritos. Personal highlights were everything that was a 626, the RX-5 Cosmo AP and the delightfully stupid Parkway bus. Unfortunately the Museum visit turned out to be a rather short one, so we went with Out with a W’s suggestion to do some alpine driving in the evening. Since me and Duurtlang were seperated from the others by parking alone we went in pairs. Eventually I left the Flying Dutchman behind and by virtue of having James May as a navigator also passed the other two along the way. Having a considerable lead I decided to drive ahead to the next fuel station, the Maxima’s natural habitat. Initially we were supposed to wait for them at the fuel station but I just drove our route the opposite direction eventually encountering yet another dutch 406 coupe near a beautiful Lake with an equally excellent coastal road (if it weren’t for sightseeing tourists...)


We also found a white MX-5 but he was in his Fujiwara zone and drove straight past. After FSI’s FSI caught up we continued as a group of three, the similarly matched Nissan and Peugeot fighting on the mountain passes observed by the Golf:

Actual footage

Turns out a 1.6ton live weight Sedan propelled by the least powerful V6 ever made is quite slow on the uphill.

When we arrived at the final destination we were greeted by the Mazda, and FSI had to split, meaning we never once drove in the full group. The remaining four checked into a hotel, and the next morning me and the anonymous Audi A1 driver departed for our 800km journey home. Interestingly the Maxima was actually quite fuel efficient despite a 160kph average speed. We also managed to hit the fuel cutoff in top gear, at 225kph and close to 7000rpm. Tip: If you want to max your car, do it in the Kasseler Berge. Taking fast sweeping corners at 220kph is a lot of fun...


This concludes my version of the Mazda Mini Meet saga, and probably also my Maxima chapter. Next up for me: Schloss Dyck Classic Days, August 3rd-5th.

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