At work! (Full disclosure; I may be mathing wrong as I’m very loopy and slightly buzzed right now!)

The power company undersized the main transformer for our brand new, computer controlled, state of the art building. So when our HVAC equipment went from bumbling along at 58% to 70% of it’s capacity to full throttle 100%?

Piff! We dropped a leg (phase) of power coming into the building. And all hell broke loose.

The generator came online just fine. But because we were still getting two phases (legs) from the power company our brand new, state of the art computers went WTFLOL?! And just shut everything down. No transfer. The Generator was just idling waiting for a load.


The power company had the new and upgraded (almost twice the size of the original) Transformer in around 4am and my co-worker and I got out of there at 6 this morning. Got to grab 5 hours of shut eye and went right back in for a regular shift.


The real kudos goes to my boy Lloyd. This Dog waited 20 hours for a potty break. No mess in the house at all.

I’m currently cooking up a 2lb Sirloin just for him.