I saw a picture of a 280ZX on FB recently, which can only mean one thing: excruciating envy, endless want.

I know it’s pretty much a Z31 but worse. I know it’s probably the ultimate expression of the the decline that took place after the 240Z, maybe the slowest of all the Zs (even in turbo form). I know these things and I don’t care, it’s cool. It might even be cooler for these reasons, in the same way that a stupid fat FWD Eldorado with 45hp from an 8 liter engine is cool. Except I bet it’s a damn sight more fun than any El-D. I think they also came with power windows and cruise control and all that goodness: not shabby for the late 70s.

Those tunnel gauges!


This one is for sale relatively close to me for a pittance. One owner, meticulously cared for, amazing. It’s an auto and I’ve never buy it, but otherwise...

One day.