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2AM Wrenching

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Well after over-indulging on Friday night, waking up late Saturday, and then spending most of the day working on the hashtagopporally, I didn’t actually get started reassembling the Discovery until about 8PM.


Background: Going on a big trip :check calendar: oh shit tomorrow and wanted to bang some stuff out on the Disco. Current project is/was dropping the headliner to repair a leak.

Against all odds I actually got the bars sealed and mounted, the rear AC reassembled, and the head liner back up. After that I even took some time to clean and armorall all the rear plastics and clean any smudges on the headliner.


This brought me right about to 2AM when I finally decided I should go to bed, lest I completely abandon any hope of having a normal sleep schedule.

Basically I’m done. With that job.


Turns out there are a couple missing screws that I need to source this afternoon. No, for once I didn’t lose them. They’ve always been missing and now seems as good of a time as any to try and replace them.


Additionally I’ve got to vacuum up all the crap that got in the car as a result of this. Mostly degraded foam from the vents and metal shavings from the pop rivets.

Here is a list of some of the extra stuff I did “while I was in there”.

  • Put off brand Dynamat under the headliner
  • Repainted the roof rails
  • Resealed all four roof rail bolts, not just the one that was leaking
  • Cleaned and oiled the door seals
  • Refoamed the rear air vents (old foam disintegrated) using an old mattress pad
  • Extended the key fob antenna (maybe?)
  • Replaced the rear sunroof switch in hopes of fixing its intermittent operation

Overall the job could have been a lot worse, though I am in no hurry to do it again.


I’ve got a lot of non-car stuff to do today: errands, laundry, packing, mow the lawn, dog baths, wire in the fridge, repair the house’s AC...



Excuse me... existential dread just overcame me a bit.


Anyway... I’ve got to do all that and then hopefully will have time to top off the transfer case oil and maaaaaaaaaaaaybe change the spark plugs.


Wish me luck...

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