today i took my dog for a run. (he runs, i ride my bike) and as we're nearing the end of the no.9 trail we come across a lady in a parking lot with her hood up. so as not to draw out the suspense, her steering was locked (in a bind when she shut her car off) and she couldn't start her car. I helped her out while she held levi's leash, and explained to her what had happened. she was in her 40's and since then it has bugged can people not know this happens? i'm not sure if all cars do this, but if there's bind in the steering lock it holds the ignition locked. has this happened to any of you? she decided her car needed to go to a shop, and after trying to explain again i realized she was preconvinced and not listening. so, i bet the local grease monkey's are gonna have a giggle most likely at her expense.